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AtoB is hiring early team members

AtoB is building Stripe for Transportation — modernizing payments infrastructure in the trucking industry.

We’re a seed stage startup with investors such as Bloomberg Beta, Y Combinator, Naval Ravikant and founders/founding team of companies such as Stripe, PayPal, Applied Intuition and CxOs of Uber, and other funds like Climate Capital, Designer Fund etc.

Our founding team has backgrounds working on autonomous vehicles at Cruise Automation, leading ops and growth for Uber, building a cryptocurrency app that was featured on the Apple App Store, etc. We are excited to open up more seats in this rocket ship!

If you’re interested in any of the roles, email us at [email protected] Optionally, include 2-3 sentences on the work you’re most proud of, 2-3 things you’re learning or want to learn, and an obscure website or game you enjoy!

Founding Team Engineers — AtoB

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