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Infosys transformed digitally before doing it for clients, says Nandan Nilekani

Bengaluru: Ltd. Chairman Nandan Nilekani said that the Indian IT services major has transformed itself before taking solutions to its clients and working on digital transformation of their businesses.

“When we started this journey of live enterprise three years back, we had said that unless we make Infosys a digital native we would not have the credibility to tell this to our clients. We should walk the talk of what we are saying and we should implement it within and then only take it out,” said Nilekani while virtually launching a book titled The Live Enterprise.

The book has chronicled the combined knowledge about reinvention of Infosys and the experiences of delivering services digitally during the pandemic. He added that Infosys has been on this journey during the last three year. “It is a journey and not a destination.”

Infosys’ existing infrastructure for remote working helped it turnaround faster during the pandemic, said Nilekani.

“When the pandemic struck Infosys we were able to respond very quickly mainly because we already had the digital infrastructure for remote working. It was meant and designed for only may be 10% of the employees working from home.

“It was simply a question of scaling up from 10% of the employees to 100% of the employees from home and that was done in a matter of days across 40 countries and 240000 employees,” he said, adding that was one of the main reasons why Infosys was able to bounce back and continue to deliver to its employees far better than anybody else.

Infosys said it has been on a major drive of reinventing itself, making itself more agile; completely rearchitecting its digital infrastructure during the last three years.

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