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IT firms focus on outcome as clients reimagine business

Bengaluru | Mumbai: India’s IT industry will increasingly focus on outcomes and use platforms to deliver services on the back of rising demand from clients to reimagine their business models using technology, the chief executives of prominent Indian IT services providers said.
CEO Salil Parekh, CEO Thierry Delaporte and chief executive C Vijayakumar discussed the key elements or changes in strategies that would shape the future of the industry at the Nasscom Technology and Leadership Forum, 2021, on Thursday.

“We are called upon to be stewards of the changing landscape in almost all the sectors and the technology, and the industry thought leadership and reimagining the business models. I think that’s truly the expectation,” said Vijayakumar.

“I think the value expectation has definitely changed multi-fold, because we have evolved and we are at a time when there is so much business disruption happening,” he said, alluding to the changes in technology usage imposed on clients across sectors due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Technology and businesses cannot be looked at in isolation anymore, he added.

Parekh said digital technology products and services have also seen rapid growth in the last few months, adding that all large enterprises were looking at digital transformation and that is driving growth for IT services companies.

“What we see today, for example, last quarter, we saw digital growing at over 30%. And that’s the critical element for us as we see the enterprises emerging through all of these changes,” he said.

Wipro chief executive Delaporte said that technology conversations were no longer limited to chief information officers but extended to the entire C-suite.

“What’s very interesting is that the pandemic has accelerated the situation to a point now where you will no longer see a CXO not talking about technology. They understand the power of technology. But where it becomes different for us is that we do understand technology, we embrace technology. So, we are now in a world where technology is more important than ever. But what matters the most is business issues, understanding of these business issues, and leveraging technology to address those business issues,” he said.

Delaporte and the other CEOs said that talent was the second most important element after business transformation. “India has the most exceptional pool of talent in the entire world… concentration of technology, knowledge, concentration of innovation. I have seen something over 15,000 new startups in technology and work in India,” he said.

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