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Japan’s NTT Group commits $10 million towards Covid-19 relief in India

Pune: Global technology firm NTT Ltd. has announced a donation of $3 million to support Covid-19 relief operations in India, increasing the total commitment by the Japan-based group to $10 million.

The donations will support local hospitals and healthcare providers, increase access and transportation of care facilities and boost vaccination efforts in the virus-stricken nation. The funds have been committed to provide oxygen, medical supplies, ambulances, hospital beds and equipment.

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“Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve focused on supporting our team members with safety-first policies, financial support and resources, but as the crisis continues to deepen in India, NTT is joining the global effort to broaden our impact,” Abhijit Dubey, chief executive officer of NTT Ltd., said in a statement.

For NTT employees, the company will offer reimbursement for medical costs and family support, provide additional covid-related paid sick leave and free virtual health visits. The company has created a Covid-19 command centre to help teammates coordinate medical care, vaccine appointments, hospital beds and transportation.

“Together, we have more than 30,000 team members based in India who are a core part of the NTT family,” said Bob Pryor, chief executive officer of NTT Data Services, one of the NTT Group companies that donated. “The outpouring of support from our global teams who have stepped up, leading assistance efforts without hesitation, has been encouraging during these difficult times and a shining example of our culture and belief that we are all stronger together.”

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