Save over 60% on a refurbished robot vacuum

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The deep-clean function will get dust in hard-to-reach places.
The deep-clean function will get dust in hard-to-reach places.

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TL;DR: The ECOVACS DEEBOT 601 will vacuum for you — and it’s on sale for 62% off. As of Feb. 18, get it for just $129.99.

If you’re still manually cleaning your floors, stop. It’s 2021 and there’s definitely a better way. For those who can’t swing for a pricey Roomba, consider this refurbished ECOVACS DEEBOT 601, which costs less than $150.

Despite its low price tag, this robot vacuum still gets the job done. It features a three-stage cleaning system that simultaneously sweeps, lifts, and vacuums up dirt and dust from your floors. And it works on both hard floors and carpets, so it can transition seamlessly from room to room.

The DEEBOT scans and maps out your living space to learn where to clean. It also connects to a companion app on your phone, where you can program a cleaning path, schedule cleanings, and stop, start, or pause your robot vacuum when necessary. It’s even compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Get a glimpse of how it works:

Whether you have a super busy schedule or you’re simply too lazy to deep clean your floors, the DEEBOT makes an excellent addition to the family. You can schedule it to clean while you’re at work and come home to a clean house, or start it up while you’re binge-watching your favorite Netflix series. With its low-profile design, you’ll barely notice it.

For a limited time, a refurbished version of this robot vacuum cleaner — which is certified to work perfectly well — is on sale for just $129.99, a whopping 62% off the regular price of $349.

Save over 60% on a refurbished robot vacuum

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