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UST acquires ServiceNow business of abhra, Inc

Mid-size tech services firm UST has acquired ServiceNow business from abhra, Inc. The portfolio includes providing consulting, implementation, extension, and integration services and ongoing support to users of ServiceNow software.

This acquisition would help UST customers in adopting the matured capabilities of the platform, increasing user adoption, and thereby maximise the value from SaaS investments, said the company in a press release.

abhra is an IT automation solutions company focused on developing and implementing software as a service (SaaS) platforms that help customers realize total value from their cloud investments.

Kailash Attal, chief executive officer and managing partner of abhra, Inc, has joined UST and would lead UST’s SaaS Practices Incubation and Maturity initiatives, including the ServiceNow software, and Workday and Coupa platforms service offerings.

The company said this acquisition would help in providing a holistic roadmap as well as an integrated environment for IT where commercially available SaaS, UST’s proprietary automation platforms, and customer’s home-grown platforms can seamlessly be integrated and operated.

“Our strategic, co-creative partnerships and acquisitions are an inherent part of UST’s inspiring growth story as our partners continue to work with us to create world-class solutions that bring their vision to life. With the acquisition of ServiceNow practice of abhra, Inc., we are extending our industry-leading capabilities,” Sunil Kanchi, chief investment officer, UST, was quoted saying.

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