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Wipro Enterprises partners with IBSFINtech to automate treasury ops

Wipro Enterprises, the non-IT arm of Wipro, IBSFINtech, and one of India’s largest private banks, have collaborated to enable end-to-end automation of Wipro Enterprises’ treasury function.

This would enable end-to-end seamless automation experience of corporate treasury operations, said IBSFINtech in a press release.

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IBSFINtech’s comprehensive treasury, risk & trade finance management (TRTFM) solution would be used for a holistic digital transformation of the critical treasury functions at Wipro Enterprises.

The tripartite arrangement between a corporate, a bank and the technology vendor sets the milestone for a long-term commitment to enable seamless connectivity and play a pivotal role in digitization of the financial ecosystem in India.

“We wanted to move beyond spreadsheet operations, manual management and deploy a dedicated solution. We evaluated the solutions available in the market and IBSFINtech, being a highly configurable and a comprehensive solution for Treasury management, suited our requirements. We are glad that we conceptualised this unique proposition bringing together India’s most technologically advanced bank and IBSFINtech to integrate and enable end-to-end connectivity for our treasury Function,” Kumar Ayashkanta, Head, Global Corporate Treasury, Wipro Enterprises, was quoted saying.

CM Grover, managing director and chief executive officer, IBSFINtech, said this partnership would open up new avenues for enabling automation in the treasury and trade finance function of

the corporates for all the three parties. “We are excited to onboard Wipro Enterprises onto our solution and enter into a long-term association with India’s leading private sector Bank to facilitate reach of our comprehensive solutions to their end customers,” he said.

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