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Wipro to reimburse cost of treatment beyond insurance coverage

has taken a slew of measures to protect and support employees and their family members during this “devastating” second wave of Covid and said it would reimburse employees and family members affected by it, if their treatment costs exceed the insurance coverage.

“The second wave of the #Covid19 pandemic is having a devastating human toll, especially in India and Brazil. The pain we feel is deep because of our closeness to these communities, and we are humbled by the strength and resilience shown by our colleagues,” wrote Thierry Delaporte, chief executive officer, Wipro in a post on LinkedIn.

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Wipro has taken “extensive measures” to protect and support its employees and their loved ones, he said.

“From extended time off to recover from the disease, support family or friends, or to prioritise mental health, to reimbursing employees and family members affected by Covid should their treatment costs exceed the insurance coverage. We have arranged fully-funded Covid Isolation Centres in various cities,” said Delaporte.

He added that the Wipro family remains committed to helping during this crisis for as long as necessary.

“Last year, we had turned our tech campus in Pune, India into a five-storey Covid-Care hospital to serve anyone in need. Our 450-bed hospital with its 150 oxygenated, 10 ventilated and other ICU beds, and the 15 doctors and 70 nursing staff continue to treat patients round-the-clock,” Delaporte wrote.

He also appreciated the clients for being compassionate. “Our customers who are writing in, your support and compassion is greatly appreciated. Last year you worked with us to swiftly enable home working that has helped provide protection to many of our employees. Your understanding goes a long way at this time,” wrote Delaporte.

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