Top 30 Best Discord Dice Bots in 2024

Discord Dice Bots

Let’s add some energy and fun to your server! Those days of flipping a coin during a competitive gaming session to decide who goes first are long gone. We’ve compiled a list of the best dice bots for Discord from the many options out there.

30 Best Discord Dice Bots List

Dice bots play a crucial role in Discord games beyond just rolling dice. Virtual friends can enhance tabletop games and add extra enjoyment with their unique features. Let’s go over the most efficient. Prepare to roll the dice and discover your fate.

1. Scrap

With Scrap, an RPG discard bot, you can roll dice, remove characters, send private messages to a single user, manage stats, define fields, and more. When playing role-playing games, this bot lets users share custom embeds containing character names and photos in the chat. Users highly favor Discord due to its versatility.

2. Dice Bot

Dice Bot is at the top of the Discord Dice Bots list, a straightforward discard dice bot. It lacks advanced features found in other similar bots. You can roll the dice and avoid the hassle of learning numerous commands and managing various configurations.

3. Dice Maiden

Dice Maiden is a top dice roller bot for Discord, perfect for tabletop roleplaying games. It can roll multiple dice, special dice, modifier dice, and alias rolls.

4. Dicecord

Dicecord is a versatile bot designed to assist with various random tasks. If you want to make the most of the platform, ask him to roll the dice and draw a card. It helps you and your friends enjoy different games as a free bot option.

5. dBotRPG

dBotPRG is an incredible Discord bot that can roll dice for random outcomes in your games. Roll multiple dice simultaneously with a single command. Moreover, the bot remembers past dice rolls and allows for adding more dice.

6. Dicer

Dicer is an excellent option for diving into exciting adventures in Dungeons & Dragons or playing tabletop games. You can use just one command to roll dice and perform basic math in this Discord bot: /roll. Easy syntax makes it beginner-friendly.

7. Discspire

Discspire is a Discord dice bot designed to help players quickly generate dice rolls for the online role-playing game TalesSpire. Macro dice are pre-set instructions or rules executed with a single command to speed up games and save time. Users can create macros and rolling commands with this bot.

8. Raleigh

If strategy-based games aren’t your thing, you might enjoy D&D and other dice games on Discord, as they are chance-based. Quickly solve math problems, roll virtual dice, and take healing potions to battle in Dungeons & Dragons with the help of the Raleigh bot. Some users dislike the sporadic, undesired, and unexpected crash problem.

9. Ficus’s Lucky Dice

If you use Discord, Ficus’s Lucky Dice is a popular dice bot that helps with rolling dice for tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons. It can roll dice differently, using multiple dice, unique dice, and modifiers.

10. Fate Dice

Fat Dice is a solid choice if you’re searching for a discard dice bot. Roll dice in Discord channels or DMs for role-playing games with Fat Dice.

11. Mr. Dice

Mr. Dice is great for dungeon and dragon enthusiasts. This discard bot dice has multiple functions, like rolling dice, casting spells, and wielding weapons. It has a significant following and excellent reviews due to its helpful features. Discord users are frustrated when it suddenly stops working.

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12. Fireball

You can perform different tasks according to your needs with the Fireball bot on your Discord server. For example, it could choose random numbers, roll dice, or hold a lottery for server members. Moreover, Fireball is perfect for role-playing games and is easy to use.

13. Whitea

Whitea is a fantastic Discord bot with various exciting features, additional functions, and mini-games.

  • Create visuals like wallpapers, animations, avatars, and more.
  • Please give me a random number between 1 and 6 on a dice GIF.
  • Set up an Instagram profile and share TikTok videos.

14. Fiadh

Fiadh is a fantastic choice for fans of role-playing games such as The Forests of Faera. It can roll various dice based on the interactive bot game or requirement.

15. Tyche

Tyche is a well-known bot that rolls dice, discards, identifies spells and offers word definitions. It can roll any dice and give you random numbers to advance in the game. Furthermore, Tyche can manage profits and losses by using the right flags.

16. RollBot

For those who enjoy playing tabletop games on Discord with friends, having a RollBot dice roller on the server is essential. It simplifies the process by rolling the dice directly in the chat. You can customize the dice, including special ones, and add modifiers to suit various games.

17. FU Dice Bot

FU Dicebot is a dice roller designed for Discord. It’s great that it supports various standard dice types and respects privacy. Furthermore, this bot is relatively simple when compared to other similar choices.

18. PixxieBot

For those looking to enhance member engagement, increase overall interaction, and add value to their server, PixxieBot is the perfect all-in-one solution. Enhance the experience and provide hours of fun to your community with its different features and games. It guarantees 99.99% uptime and offers a range of activities such as hangry activities, guessing the number, making a sentence, and truth or dare.

19. Bogsy’s Dice Bot

Bogsy’s Dice Bot makes tabletop gaming on Discord easier by assisting users in rolling dice quickly and adding fun modifiers. Pay attention to the dice rolls for an exciting twist to your gaming sessions. Integrating and operating the bot with slash instructions is a breeze.

20. Ghosty

Ghosty is a beautiful and practical dice-rolling bot designed for Discord, ideal for enhancing fun and engagement on the server. It offers a variety of features and games like Minesweeper, Cards Against Humanity, Hangman, and Truth or Dare. Available in various languages, such as Portuguese, German, and English.

21. BobTheBot

BobTheBot helps to boost your community’s activity and engagement by providing interactive features for members. Users can quickly generate random numbers using the Random Number Generator (RNG) feature. It offers new fonts to use in messages sent on Discord.

22. Alfred

Alfred is a bot that enhances server engagement by offering various entertainment options like voice and music commands. Use simple commands to generate random graphics, search for music on YouTube, and find lyrics.

23. DiceMaster

Playing games for fun or with something at stake, Dice Master can enhance the fun in a whole new way. This tool is filled with various features ideal for role-playing games, RPG sessions, and, of course, DnD. Takes on rolling the dice, allowing you to concentrate on the game.

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24. Dice Roller

Discord Dice Roller Bot is perfect for server members who like tabletop role-playing games or other activities that involve chance and luck, just as its name implies. Roll unique dice, extra dice, and more than one dice. Slash commands are simple to use.

25. Goomba’s 8-Ball

Goomba’s 8 Ball is just as enjoyable and captivating as it sounds. If you want to roll dice, flip coins, ask questions, or get entertaining answers, the Discord Dice Roller Bot is perfect. Invite it to your server, that’s all. Provides thought-provoking, fun, or inspirational quotes for sharing with other members. The /insults command randomly picks an insult to use in lighthearted jokes with your friends.

26. Button Dice Roller

Button Dice Roller is a smartphone visual bot with touch-response buttons for rolling dice. The bot will message you with various options once you’ve set it up on a Discord channel. To report results, players need to tap and choose an option. It functions with Discord threads, allowing users to roll dice within a specific topic or conversation.

27. Dice Golem

Dice Golem is a simple and user-friendly bot that can roll popular RPG and TRPG dice expressions on your Discord channel, such as 2d6+1. It also includes features such as reroll, drop/cap, etc. You can send direct messages to the bot with private rules and get results in direct messages. Roll dice with secret rules without switching windows.

28. Hector

Hector Top is a versatile online discard dice bot that is user-friendly and available 24/7. Created for simplicity and functionality, it could make a great addition to your server. Hector is proficient in English, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, and Spanish. Users can choose characters from a set list. Free with advanced features such as automatic sending, rerolling, and graphic attachments.

29. Feyre

Feyre is designed for the Discord gaming platform, particularly for D&D and other role-playing games. It aims to provide a seamless and user-friendly gameplay experience, with access to various advanced features during play. You can roll dice of different sizes for combined advantage and skill checks. If you want to redo your previous rolls, click the Reroll button. The tracker keeps track of the characters’ actions and money.

30. Dice Witch

Dicewitch is a popular and elegant bot choice that adds excitement to your rolls, making them more engaging and varied. It visually represents the TRPG die on the screen for a more authentic experience. You can choose from different types of dice and roll as many as you want.

Final Words

That concludes the list of the top free Discord dice bots.

Here it is, everyone! We trust you found our list of top Discord dice bots enjoyable. It’s time to grab one today, put it on the server, and watch it. It brings endless fun to interactive sessions. Feel free to share any questions or suggestions in the comments section. Keep checking for more helpful tips.

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